National / local committees

National committee

The members of the national committee is voted by the members for a 2 years mandate. The committee take decisions and signs the legal bindings for the association.  The current national committee:

Eugène THOMMES, President, Travel Secretary

vacant, Vice-President

Mike LACOUR, Secretary-General, Membership Management and Editor 

Romain IMMER, Treasurer, IPA-Shop Manager

Patrick ZIMMER, Website Manager

Laurent GRETSCH, House Manager

IPA Nord

The national section IPA Nord (IPA North) was founded in 1974. Like all national section they host their own events and activities. To contact the IPA Nord please visit their website or write a mail to maquilmi (at)

The current committee:

Michel MILLER, President

Ben EHMANN, Vice-president

Michel MAQUIL, Treasurer

Paul CHRISTIAN, Public relations


The national section IPA Sud (IPA South) reunites the IPA members of the southern region of Luxembourg. Apart of their events and activities their have also some gadgets in their shop. To see them please see the sub section in the national shop. To contact the IPA Sud please write a mail to ivo113 (at)

The current committee:

Yves DESQUIOTZ, President

Guy LEPAGE, Vice-president

Guy WERNIMONT, Secretary

Daniel ERNZEN, Treasurer

Georges GOEDERT, Member

Ronny MALGET, Member