International Police Association Luxembourg

IPA goes T.E.M. (Taktische Einsatz Medizin)




IPA Haus – 84, rue Adolphe Fischer – Luxemburg




Samstag, den 19. August 2023 von 08:00 – 12:00 und 13:00 – 17:00.




Taktische Einsatz Medizin


Der Kurs richtet sich an alle Polizeivollzugsbeamten.


Unterrichtet wird nach den Prinzipien des TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care ) gemäß der Leitlinien der Trema.


Es geht um Versorgung von Verletzten in polizeilichen Lagen unter Berücksichtigung der besonderen taktischen Situation.




Harold Krimmel, Notfallsanitäter und Mathias Schwenn, Notfallsanitäter und Praxisanleiter.





Aktives IPA Mitglied,


·         Der Kurs findet in Luxemburg am 19.08.2023 statt.


·         Der Kurs ist auf 10 Teilnehmer beschränkt.

            (Prinzip: First come, first served)


·         Unkostenbeitrag: 25 Euro pro Person

            Zu überweisen auf: LU44 1111 0320 2515 0000

            (Vermerk: TEM + Name + IPA Nummer) 

Dë Comité vun dër IPA Lëtzebuerg

Ipa goes TEM flyer(2).pdf


Welcome at the official website of the IPA section Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg). Here we provide all kind of information about our organisation, activities and events. 

What is IPA? 

The International Police Association is a friendship organisation for members of the police force, whether serving or retired, founded in 1950 by police sergeant ArthurTroop.

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Latest News:

IBZ Castle Gimborn 2023


Dear Friends of Gimborn Castle,Ladies, Gentlemen,

we are excited to share with you our new seminar programme 2023. We very much hope the program meets your interests and we can meet in 2023 in one way or another. Feel free to download the new program: IBZ Seminar Programme 2023

You can register either online or send an email to For any further question feel free to contact us.

Kindest regards, René Kauffmann 

World Police & Fire Games 2022


The national committee congratulates our 2 IPA members Gilles Seywert an Nico Crelo for their fantastic results in the World Police & Fire Games 2022

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Helping Ukraine


The national committee from the Luxembourgish IPA section is thanking all our members and Police officers which donated to help our colleagues in Khelmnitzky (UA).


With their help we were able to collect 11.000 Euro in our fundraising campaign .The national committee will also spend a certain amount from the Associations funds to stock up the humanitarian aid we will send to Ukraine. 


With the donations we bought medical materials from the enterprise Hospilux. The last days we received an urgent call from our colleagues that their were in need of generators. So we also bought 2 electric generators which will be send to UA.  


Hospilux also participated in our fundraising and with their help we were able to fill up the transport with even more of medical equipment. 

We thank again all people that made this possible.

The national committee