A quick look into history

The beginning

In the year 1959 a group of Luxembourg Police Officers made an informative trip to London. The effective impression to all the participants, was non the last due to the perfect care by the British "Bobbies", who were exclusively IPA-members. Whenfurther suggestions came from different forgein sections, the commissioner Eugène Bertrand gathered his men and after a short time had convinced them of Arthur Tropp's ideas. 

The founding

On 12th of July 1961 Eugène Bertrand founded together with his colleagues J.P. Faack, R.Stoffel, J. Beck, E. Huberty, C. Wiroth, V. Eischen, M. Zenners and L. Stoffel the Luxembourg section of the International Police Association, which on the 11th September of the same year was recongnized by the international congress in Stuttgart. 

The years 70-90

Quickly the IPA Luxembourg developped and the membership-number grew fastly in the coming years. Unfortunately the first dynamic president of the IPA Luxembourg Eugène Bertrand died six years after its foundation in the year 1967. 

Jean-Pierre Faack took over the task of the president for the next three years. In 1970 after his retirement, he left the presidency to Raymond Stoffel. He directed the Luxembourg section with the needed experience until the year 1979. After that George Rauchs took over the presidency for a year.

After a rejuvenescene of the national committee in the year 1980, the members of the committee declared Marc Becker as the president, who handed over his task to Armand Jaminet in the year 1985. As Armand Jaminet took over the task of the International President in the year 1994, Romain Miny became president of the Luxembourg section.  

The present

On the social and cultural level the IPA Luxembourg has always been playing a part. To mention just a few contributions: the exhibition of aquarelles, the aid for the injured of the earth quake in Italy, the food-supply for Poland, the cloth-collection for the children in the home of Betzdorf and two anti-drug discos a.s.o.

The hospitality, country- and town guidings of forgein IPA-groups has become quite a routine to the Luxembourg section. The number of the members, who took part in international meetings, where they shared for some days the situations, joys and sorrows with like-minded colleagues, can't be recorded anymore. The national as well as two regional committees, which by the way have been founded in 1981, propose different activities to their members, such as carnival-dancing, fishing competitions, informative trips a.s.o.

The IPA Luxembourg took part in different IEC and World-congresses, such as in Stuttgart, Blackpool, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Palermo, Kopenhagen, Montreux, Graz, London, Calgary, Perugia, Wiesbaden, Antwerp, Aberdeen, Paris Zurich, Rotterdam, Lissabon and New Zealand.